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Mission Of VISAMalaysia

1) To serve as a portal for companies in the tourism, education and medical institutions.

2) To provide all the related information about how to apply for Malaysian VISA. We will guide you through the entire process. It is up to the Malaysian Embassy to approve or reject a visa application.

UKSB works hand-in-hand with Visa Malaysia and has made significant achievements in providing services to its clients. We have offices in two (2) places in Dhaka city and four(4) offices in four(4) cities under active consideration but we have planned to expand our services in near future. These offices serve more than 300 to 350 thousand visitors a year in terms of promoting tourism and economic activities on behalf of the Governments of Malaysia and Bangladesh. We truly believe we have the capabilities to propel our services beyond the existing market. Our successful implementation in the Bangladesh is just the beginning and we are confident that we can emulate the same success in other countries. We are also very much confident that there are huge opportunities that can be spun off from this existing project to help further strengthen our company.